About company

Teqli Telecom is a young, dynamic company specializing in both classic phone services and modern Internet-based telephony. The company possesses the licenses necessary to provide telephone and data communication as well as network services in Estonia. Teqli Telecom has a PoP in Estonia. The PoP is located at Eesti Energia technical center: Kadaka tee 42, Tallinn.

The international channel network is based on a redundant network of optical cables.

The professionals employed by Teqli Telecom have many years of experience of working in the telecommunication sector and operating some of the most advanced equipment in existence. They also have experience in developing software and hardware systems of any level of complexity. Our highly qualified employees will complete tasks assigned by customers/clients within short time periods and according to the highest quality standards.

Our company takes the initiative not only when a contract is signed. We care about our clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our defined development strategy, commercial policies and corporate values leave space for improvement, allowing us to make plans and strive for new achievements and triumphs.

Professionalism, accumulated knowledge and experience, the sense of purpose and flexibility of our employees, devotion and enthusiasm, the loyalty of our clients and partners – all this allows us to look forward with confidence.

Official company information:

Teqli Telecom OÜ

Address: Liimi 1-502,
Tallinn, 10621, Estonia
Reg. number: 11284199
VAT number: EE101090061

Bank: Swedbank AS
Liivalaia Street 8, Tallinn, 15040, Estonia
IBAN EE30220221033141113

Phone: + 372 676 0000
Fax: + 372 676 0001
E-mail: info@teqli.com

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