Intranet Rates

For your convenience, we have made the world's first unified roaming tariffs for outgoing calls from 110 countries. In all countries where we provide you free incoming calls, you can call from RoamingSIM card to another RoamingSIM card at a uniform price 0.249 eur/min*.

To facilitate the call cost calculation, we merged all tariffs into 2 tables.

Incoming Rates (Tariff on Incoming Calls): shows a per-minute cost of call reception in a country you are in.

Outgoing Rates (Tariff on Outgoing Calls): shows a per-minute cost of call to all world countries from a country you are in except countries from Extra table.

Extra Rates (Additional Tariffs): show a per-minute cost of a call to some countries, which should be added to the outgoing tariff from a country you are in.


If the Subscriber is located in Spain, Russia, Egypt or Turkey, then incoming calls in these countries will be absolutely free.

If the Subscriber is located in Great Britain, then according to the tariff table a call to any country including Great Britain will cost 0.25 EUR/min*; however, if a call will be made to one of countries from Extra table, for example to Belarus, then the cost of such call will amount to 0.25 EUR + 0.10 EUR = 0.35 EUR*.

*- rates are exclusive of 20% VAT!

Rates without VAT (0%)

Rates with VAT (20%)

If you have any questions as to RoamingSIM tariffs or you wish to get more information, please send a message to e-mail address info@roamingsim.eu.